So, I’ve got another announcement this week: I’m bringing back my wee Food & Fiction online magazine, with a twist!

I’m going to incorporate the theme of the magazine into my current blog, and share lovely food and/or fiction themed guest posts from time to time, starting with the wonderful posts we already had in the magazine last year. Trust me, there is some seriously delicious stuff in there!

I also want to share good, old-fashioned home tips with you again, which I’d done on my old blog in the past. So you’ll get to read all about my attempts at recreating vintage recipes, as well as some of the occasional arts and crafts.

My writing is all inspired by the ‘old’ greats (I even took a course in Middle English fiction at Oxford!) and mythology. On the home front, I’m a big believer in fresh, tasty food made from real ingredients, and traditional values in the home. So you’ll find tons of old-fashioned tips and tricks, which will hopefully be as exciting for you as they are for me!


Food & Fiction

One thought on “Food & Fiction

  • 12 January 2017 at 17:47

    Great! Can’t wait to see all your recepies back up on this website


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