So I’ve been a busy girl lately! First, I’ve been speaking to lots of people about The Tree of Nine Worlds, and have been absolutely blown away by some of the lovely reviews people have left for Erika’s magical story.

Absolutely AMAZING book!!! Couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait until the next book! Really felt like I went on a strong visual journey with the characters. Would recommend this book to anybody who likes the fantasy genre with a good dash of believable magic.

I’ve been working on the second book in the series (err, slight exaggeration, see below), as well as another project I’ve held close to my heart for the past few years (more on that as soon as I can manage!), and I’ve been creating websites. Here are two I’m particularly proud of:

websitebanner-1My wedding website! I’m getting married next year and have been spending 95% of my time (see what I meant before?) thinking about my wedding and all the things I want to do to make it perfect.

The really exciting part of this web-project was that it made me realise that I could easily offer really bespoke, beautiful websites for other brides and grooms. So if you’re getting married, and want something a little more special, do get in touch.

stmatthewsheader-3The St Matthew’s RC Church, Bishopbriggs website. I joined Fr Robert Hill’s RCIA group last year when I decided to become a Catholic, and haven’t looked back. The parish consists of such a wonderful, kind group of people, and it’s been an absolute pleasure helping them with their website and Facebook page.

So, if you’re looking create a beautiful website for your business or celebration, or even a personal blog, I can help you with that! Visit the business section of my website,, and contact me to have a chat!

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