Just before you think I’ve completely lost my mind, I’m not actually blogging an hour into my marriage ceremony on my wedding day, I’ve just scheduled this post to appear then. It just seemed appropriate, as my new layout is now live (complete with my new name, eek! Talk about being ready!)

The past few years have been a whirlwind of the most amazing times ever mixed with… a little bit of banana and coriander sandwiches, so to speak, and while I don’t want to bore you with endless stories about my personal highs and lows, I will say this: I’ve learned an awful lot. Most of all, I’ve learned that nothing is more valuable and incredible, and not to be taken for granted ever than having that one supportive superfan (my new husband, right about now!) by your side through thick and thin.

Not many people know this, but I had a really terrible time about two years ago. I had just begun settling into my new surroundings in Scotland, and everything seemed far too good to be true – so I hit a wall. I’d struggled with various irrational anxieties for about 15 years by this point, but nothing has (and hopefully will) ever compare to the months I spent fighting with all of my might in 2015.

Anyway, the reason I mention this ever so briefly is because my other half supported me through all of this with an unbelievable, never faltering strength and trust in me and my character, even when I had none of that left.

Thanks to his love and support I am now so happy and grateful for every new day. I run a successful little business (formerly content.scot, now jsgallacher.co.uk), and have built up a fairly impressive portfolio of clients by this point – even if I do say so myself! I’m also in the process of writing two new books for publication in the coming year or so, and I designed and organised a kick ass wedding. His support truly means the world; more than I could ever put into words, actually.

We’ve been on some truly amazing adventures in the past four years together: From the Canary Islands to Canada, Germany, and Austria to (very soon) America and Asia – every new thing we embark on is magical! I am so excited that I get to share the rest of my life with my wonderful man and fellow adventurer.

So in other words, here is to LOVE! In the coming months you’ll see a bit more of me again, as I continue to build my business and work on my books. Feel free to send me feedback and suggestions here! Until then, I’ll be basking in newly-wedded bliss with my wonderful husband.

Lots of writery love,

Julia Gallacher

The new Mrs Gallacher

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