The first story I remember ever writing was about a boy falling out of a hammock. It was two lines long, and I must have been about seven years old.

It was enticing in the sort of way the toilet exhibit at the Tate Modern is enticing… All in all the dazzling highlight of my early literary career (hopefully less so now), and the start of a sincere passion.

At 28-years-old I have lived in Germany, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, England, Canada, Austria, and now Scotland (where I intend to stay. Our national animal is a unicorn, come on!)

Courtesy of that upbringing, I have had the pleasure of interviewing the most diverse set of people – from artists to politicians – while my fictional stories were inspired by all those different cultures, sights, and smells.

I love to learn about different types of writing to convey all of these experiences, and continue to take courses to expand my skills.

contentscot_buttonDuring the week you’ll find me working as a copywriter and editor for a variety of valued clients. My approach is investigative: I always strive to understand the background of a project, and tailor the tone and style of my writing to your audience.

In my spare time I work on my YA fantasy series, The Chronicle of Legends, as well as several other creative projects.

If you want to work on a project with me, please email me at juliaselch@gmail.com or use the contact form to request my price list.

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