Food & Fiction

So, I’ve got another announcement this week: I’m bringing back my wee Food & Fiction online magazine, with a twist!

I’m going to incorporate the theme of the magazine into my current blog, and share lovely food and/or fiction themed guest posts from time to time, starting with the wonderful posts we already had in the magazine last year. Trust me, there is some seriously delicious stuff in there!

I also want to share good, old-fashioned home tips with you again, which I’d done on my old blog in the past. So you’ll get to read all about my attempts at recreating vintage recipes, as well as some of the occasional arts and crafts.

My writing is all inspired by the ‘old’ greats (I even took a course in Middle English fiction at Oxford!) and mythology. On the home front, I’m a big believer in fresh, tasty food made from real ingredients, and traditional values in the home. So you’ll find tons of old-fashioned tips and tricks, which will hopefully be as exciting for you as they are for me!


The Tree of Nine Worlds

Well, what can I say: After 4 1/2 years The Tree of Nine Worlds is now available for purchase!

Thanks to all of my wonderful proofreaders, in particular my editor from Cornerstones, Sandra Glover. Also thank you to my incredible husband-to-be Sean, who kicked my bum into finally getting it published.

If you want the book, you can buy it here:

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Germany (English version):

Paperback and other e-reader versions will be available soon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the free app here:


Julia: Freelance writer, fiction author, wife-to-be of handsome Scottish man

Right, it’s been a while again, but just look at what’s been going on over here!!

I’ve started my own freelance business, my first official book finally has a publishing date (June 15, in case anyone’s got summer birthdays coming up – grab yourself a fantastic read or, at worst, a fairly decent doorstop!) – oh and I’ve gotten engaged to the man of my dreams.

Now, dear readers, I know how cheesy that sounds, but it wasn’t always like this. Let me begin with a much overdue update:

Last year, I had a crap time. Most people had no idea, and I still have ‘friends’ who are mad at me because they assumed (thank you Facebook) that I was living the high life, and never bothered to ask me how I was doing.

It was nearly a year ago to date, and I’d been having the most fantastic time. I had a new job I loved, my boyfriend and I had started talking about marriage, one of my best friends and my parents came over to visit. It was all so perfect! And that was exactly the problem. I’ve moved so many times in my young life (I stopped counting when it reached the ‘teens). I’ve had crappy relationships in the past, with people who lied to me about all sorts of petty (and serious) stuff. I’ve had crappy jobs, crappy friends… the whole shebang. By no means did I ever roll myself up into a pity-burrito over any of this, but I was used to things being ever-changing and, well, mediocre.

Not so once I finally started feeling settled in beautiful Scotland.

So my anxiety shot through the roof, and my overactive mind began coming up with all kinds of worst case scenarios. Surely it was too good to be true. What if I screwed this up? After the big move from Canada I just couldn’t cope with it. I spent months being really upset over everything. It sucked, big time.

Anyway, my beautiful fiancé stuck by me and helped me through it, I started my own business, made our flat a lovely wee home, and cooked all sorts of fun dishes – and slowly I got better.

Then, this past March, Sean proposed to me by the beach in St Andrews, after a gorgeous mini-holiday in the Highlands – and despite dreaming of this moment for months and months in an attempt to come up with the most romantic response, I just said yes without hesitating and fell into his arms.

So there you have it. A real life Scottish romance. Oh I still get moments where I wonder whether I’ll wake up in one of my crappier relationships again and it was all a dream, and then I hyperventilate a little until I look over at the handsome face with the sparkling blue eyes (watching football on our telly (he’s still human!) and it’s good. Really good.

St Andrews - 25 March 2016
St Andrews – 25 March 2016